Moving time

Only 2 more sleeps in Singapore! The packers are at my apartment, boxing up my books and clothes, I’ll see them again in 10 weeks when they arrive in London.

It’s a strange feeling to be leaving. I didn’t intend to cut short my time here, but after the heartbreak of earlier this year, and the unsustainable work situation, it feels like the right thing to be doing.

Wednesday is my last day of work, then I fly home at midnight. It is good to have Mum and Dad here this week, my schedule is still full on and I’ve been relying heavily on them to help out with the move.

I saw my Doctor last week for a scan, and got the first good news since the pregnancy loss. My lining has thickened to 7mm. I’m so happy after the bitter disappointment last month when my period didn’t arrive and the lining didn’t thicken past 4mm. I’ve been enjoying my acupuncture and Moxibustion sessions and I like to think they have helped. Now I need to decide whether to transfer later this month in Barcelona.

I got an updated serology test done in case I go ahead with a transfer. In typical Singapore style the nurse shouted across the waiting room that it was time for my Syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis tests. I’m not going to miss this place and the lack of discretion here.

They took a lot of blood and my arm has bruised up. It’s been sore for the past couple of days, but the tests all came back clear and I’m so happy about the progress with my lining that a few bruises don’t matter!

I feel sad that the life I thought I would have in Singapore hasn’t happened, and that I am leaving here hating the place, but in a way it makes it easier to go.

Work wise things are looking good. I’ve set up a limited company and have signed my first Consultancy Agreement. Got 6 projects lined up over the next few months, all of them are with good people and will keep me motivated. Also have some coffees arranged back in London to explore some other projects with different organisations. It’s frightening to be out there in the big wide world without the safety net of employment, but it feels good to be taking some control of my future.

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