Electric shocks

Here’s a turtle from this time last week in the Maldives!

I’m having the laziest weekend on record! It’s amazing how much free time I have, my Uni course has finished (passed with merit…geektastic!), I decided not to work this weekend and instead have read 2 books. Bliss! Seeing my friend tonight, he’s in town for a conference and it’s been a couple of years since we caught up. I’ve got a feeling he and his wife might be going through some fertility struggles of their own, based on some of her social media posts and his messages. It’s amazing how much I notice it in other people, 4 years ago I was completely oblivious, ignorant. He’s on a low carb, no alcohol diet which suits me perfectly as I’m trying to stay off the grog too.

I had a bad experience with some therapy on Friday. It’s a technique that has been recommended to me by fertility specialists and it took me a while to find a practitioner here in Singapore. There is only one. I didn’t have a good feeling about her from our communications before the appointment, but I really want to give this technique a try. She wouldn’t give me a treatment without a consultation first, which is fine, but the consultation was expensive, and was basically 90 minutes of her telling me how feels strongly against:


– donor sperm, donor eggs, donor embryos

– freezing sperm, eggs, embryos

– older mothers (she told me I should have had children in my early 20s, I wanted to punch her)

– vaccinations (this topic wasn’t related to our consultation; but she set out how she is anti-vax and told me all her mumbo jumbo reasons why

The whole time I felt uncomfortable, and angry. I don’t mind that she has these views, but I don’t understand why she is practicing a technique aimed at women struggling to conceive. I found her insensitive and unprofessional. I left her house resenting the money I’d forked out to have her rant at me about my choices. There wasn’t anything she told me that I hadn’t already read on the website.

I might try and find another practitioner in London as I’m still interested in trying out the technique.

To cheer myself up I went to see my local Chinese TCM doctor for some acupuncture after work. The experiences couldn’t have been more different. He held my wrists to check my pulse and I just started sobbing, it felt so tender compared to the toxic session that morning.

No doubt sensing I was a wreck, he brought in the big guns for our session! In addition to the needles, he clipped on some crocodile clips and ran an electronic current up and down my arms and legs, a weird but not painful sensation. Then he put me under the Moxi lamp and I dozed off! Moxibustion is so relaxing, and apparently warms up my cold uterus! He then suggested lymphatic drainage massage. It’s been a while since I had a proper massage and this one really shifted some knots. I drank a tonne of (warm, no more ice!) water then went home and slept for 13 hours!!! Must be a record!

I wish I had been firmer with the first therapist and just left when she started on her rant. And I wish I had been to see my TCM Doctor more regularly, he is so kind, it costs hardly anything and he always asks me to stick around for tea, snacks and a chat to practice his English afterwards. Amazing the difference in the two experiences.

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