Eggs collected!

Wow! So I’m back at the AirBnB recovering from the egg collection this morning. Feeling groggy and a bit achy but otherwise ok.

14 eggs were collected. I’m so happy it went well.

Now those eggs have been mixed with the donor sperm and I’ll find out tomorrow how many have fertilised. For the next few days there is nothing I can do to change the outcome of the fertilisation and embryo development. I feel a bit flat and helpless just waiting.

Luckily my To Do list for work will keep me busy. I’m also enjoying being in Barcelona, exploring this fantastic city. The photo is Casa Batlló, one of Gaudi’s designs.

I had my scan Sunday morning and everything looked good. The first words the Doctor said to me were “I like your ovaries!” I’ll take any compliment I can get!! Did my Trigger injection Sunday night and then in to surgery this morning.

The anaesthetist didn’t speak English, and I only know a few words of Spanish, zero Catalan, but we somehow muddled by! I’ve got a big bruise on my hand where they needed a few attempts to find a vein, but apart from that it all went smoothly and I woke up in recovery. After some water and snacks I was discharged. This was the worst part, being alone for the procedure, one of the nurses kept asking when my partner was coming to collect me. I wasn’t sure how to explain I would be going home with an Uber driver! I left feeling quite sorry for myself, and it’s times like this I wish there was someone with me to go through this journey.

Had a nice nap back in the apartment then spent the afternoon working. Going to venture to the bodega on the corner for some treats…ice cream and cake will do nicely!

Feeling nervous about the call tomorrow with the fertilisation update. I know not all the eggs will fertilise, not all will make it to Day 5, not all will be genetically normal, and not all will result in a successful pregnancy. I’ve been through this whole process twice before and have 3 miscarriages under my belt. But I need to have hope that things might be different this time.

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