Delayed onset gratitude

Day 4 of 2019, still waiting for my period! Working from home today, getting the air-conditioning serviced and waiting for a parcel. Work is nice and quiet – most people are easing back in to the grind after the Christmas and New Year holidays. I’m off to London on Monday then Barcelona then Tokyo. It’s a strange trip to pack for…4 weeks away…European winter…business meetings and baby making!

Thoughts of pregnancy, motherhood and the ordeal of IVF are always on my mind. They have been a constant these past 2 years. It’s easy for them to overshadow all the other fantastic things that go on every day.

I’ve been guilty of allowing those thoughts to consume me.

So many fantastic things happened in 2018 and there is so much to be grateful for, including…

1. Meeting my nephew for the first time. I’m biased but he is PERFECT!

2. My good friend swimming the English Channel and letting me accompany him as a support swimmer. The BEST!

3. Family and friends time – in 2018 I spent quality time with my parents, brother, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and so many cousins. Wanderlust is a family thing! I also reconnected with some old friends, love how we can pick up just where we left off, despite the continents between us. Looking forward to meeting up with more travelling rellies and friends in 2019!

4. Starting a new role in a new country. This could just be my dream job (if I learn to stop sweating the small stuff). Majority of the time I LOVE it!

5. Health – apart from the infertility struggles I’m so grateful to have a healthy body and a (mostly!) healthy mind.

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