Barbados is already feeling like a distant memory. Back in Singapore and back at work. Went to the clinic this morning for my blood tests. Wow – what a process!

There were so many tests to be run that they said they couldn’t take my blood at the clinic and, after completing the paperwork and paying, they took me up to the hospital laboratory. The nurse that took me up was lovely. I’ve seen her a few times at the clinic. She was interested in my new plans to go to Spain and wished me good luck. I’ve been so fortunate that all the clinics I’ve been to have been helpful and understanding of my situation.

I’m not a fan of needles but soon got used to them once the IVF journey started. Blood tests used to make me faint. Now I barely blink. Today was different though. The lab staff counted out the collection tubes. I’m used to 2-3 tubes each visit. I felt a bit queasy when she got to 10 tubes. Then 20. And then she started counting out different tubes with pink caps, 8 of those. And throw in 8 blue cap tubes. Yuck! We managed to get them all filled using one vein in each arm, but it took a while and I was seeing stars and sweating the whole time. The volume probably wasn’t even that much, it’s more the sounds and sensations that get me. Tried to pretend I was back on the beach in Barbados…

I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes and now I’m on my way to the office. Hoping there won’t be any surprises in these results.

Overall the clinic in Singapore have been so helpful. I was able to arrange everything via email. They’ve given me two months of contraceptive pills to start so that we can control the start of my Spanish IVF cycle and they are all very supportive.

I don’t want to complain because this is all my choice and there are so many worse medical tests/procedures out there. I am relieved it will be a few weeks before the next blood tests.

Here’s to moving forwards.

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