I’m on a last minute trip to Ubud, Bali. My friend J, former accountant now digital nomad, is staying here. One thing I love about being based in Singapore is having Asia on the doorstep. I took an early flight and spent the day working from a cafe overlooking the rice terraces. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location. The air feels clean here and I slept better last night than I have done in months.

J is very in to her spiritual side. I’m not! But have agreed to go to a sound healing session tomorrow. The one thing we both agree on is the healing power of massages!

It’s been so good talking to someone who knows me and who isn’t a colleague. I miss my friends. Need to be better at socialising when I’m in Singapore. J thinks Project Barcelona sounds like a good plan. It’s a full moon, and Venus is in retrograde, apparently that all means something too and could explain my recent wobbles. Although I think the hormones had a major part to play too!

Here for 3 nights and am loving taking the time to breathe, soak up the views and reconnect with a friend.

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