Hola! Plans for 2019….

Heard back from Dr B.  He has an amazing way of always making me feel hopeful, even in the midst of bad news and set-backs.  He liked the idea of doing a full cycle in Spain and is going to have my medical records sent over.

I’ll contact the clinic this week and start making some plans.  Hopefully with 3-4 weeks in one place I will be giving my body a better chance at success (the fact Barcelona is one of my favourite cities is an added bonus).

Feeling quite cheerful this week, despite the earlier disappointment.  I know there is still time, and I need to keep believing that this will work out.  My parents are visiting.  They haven’t asked anything about my plans and I haven’t mentioned the subject.  I find it difficult and upsetting to talk about with them, can’t help feeling guilty for failing and disappointing myself and them.  They will be visiting again over Christmas and this time my brother, his wife and my baby nephew are also joining.  I might try and talk to them about this new plan (Project Barcelona Baby).  They don’t need to know about the 2 failed attempts this year.

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